The region of St. Johann im Pongau, Salzburg

St. Johann im Pongau is the capital and, with more than 10,000 inhabitants, also the largest municipality in the province of Salzburg. St. Johann im Pongau is located between the Salzburg Schieferalpen in the north and the Radstadt Tauern in the southeast and the foothills of the Ankogelgroup in the southwest. The municipality of St. Johann consists of the villages Einöden, Floitensberg, Ginau, Hallmoos, Maschl, Plankenau, Reinbach, Rettenstein, St. Johann im Pongau and Urreiting.

As early as 2000B.C there was a suggestion of a first settlement in the area, as there were special tunnel systems which were built for the copper mining in the "Arthurstollen" and wooden pit installations about 3000-3700 years old. In 1074 the name "ad sanctum Johannem in villa" was first mentioned. During the peasant wars 1525/1526, the place was completely devastated - St. Johann sided with the Protestants. During the expulsion of Protestants from the Archdiocese of Salzburg - which peaked in 1731 - more than 70% of the population left the church. The right to a coat of arms was granted to St. Johann in 1929. The coat of arms of the town shows red shields standing on a green ground, half-right flipped figure of St. John the Baptist with yellowish bottom and brown, traditional green upper garment. in his right hand a book with an Easter lamb, on a flag. "

Founded in 2004, "Culture Platform" organises a programme that is intended to complement the existing cultural activities in the village and is primarily devoted to everyone benefitting from the contemporary culture in St. Johann im Pongau and its alpine tourist location. Thus, in the winter, the region of Alpine villages is an important tourist centre with a wide variety of hotels and related businesses. Annual events (traditional parades, festivals) are real fixtures in the region - such as St. Johann being famous for the Krampus in the area. In summer a day trip to the fascinating and nearby Liechtenstein Gorge is an experience as well as, of course, mountain biking, hiking and having fun on a lake.